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CWS 100

CWS 100



CWS100 is a modified sodium silicate which is sprayed onto cured concrete. It forms a barrier inside the concrete which waterproofs and protects the concrete from corrosion and degradation for the design life of the structure.
CWS100 reacts with calcium to form a water insoluble calcium silicate hydrate gel that seals the cracks, pores and
capillaries of the concrete. It will seal cracks in the concrete up to 2.2mm and will remain reactive in the concrete to seal
future hairline cracks on contact with water.

• CWS100 waterproofs for the life of the structure
• Permanently seals cracks up to 2.2mm
• Seals future hairline cracks on contact with water
• Protects against water, chloride and sulphate ingress; increases resistance to chemical attack
• Hardens concrete to the same level as granite
• Increases the bond of concrete to cementitious materials by 27%.
• Does not require a screed
• Cannot be damaged on site by other trades
• Trafficable six hours after application
• Suitable for ponding water
• Non toxic. Suitable for use with potable water
• No re-application needed in years to come
• Straightforward one coat application. No bonding issues as occurs with many membranes.
• Environmentally friendly
• Cost effective
• Super fast application ensures faster project completion and saves $$$

Because of its ability to withstand thermal stress and its super-fast application CWS100 is particularly suitable for areas
of exposed concrete such as:
• Rooftops and podium decks
• Bridge decks
• Landscaped areas
• Pre-cast panels

• Application is by low pressure sprayer such as a backpack sprayer or motorised pump, depending on the size of the
• Typically one person with a backpack sprayer can apply 1000m2 per day and with a motorised pump can apply about
6000m2 per day. Compare this to a membrane where one person can typically apply 100m2 per day.
• CWS100 is suitable for use on both horizontal and vertical surfaces.
• In general, usage will be around 1 litre to 5 square metres however this will vary according to the mpa and finish of the
concrete. High mpa concretes with a smooth finish may only use 1 litre to 6 square metres whilst low mpa concretes
with open pores may use 1 litre to about 4 square metres.